Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting: You Get What You Pay For

When choosing what type of care to arrange before heading out of town, some pet parents have a difficult time understanding the value of in-home, professional pet sitting versus a boarding facility. In-home pet care is more expensive, that’s a given, because a professional is coming to your home and providing personalized service designed to meet the specific needs of your pet.

Boarding facilities, and there are good ones, offer one size fits all care. Anything “extra” or beyond the scope of their standard care is going to cost more or quite possibly will not be provided at all. Most kennels, and Veterinarians that offer boarding, have specific hours for drop-off and pick-up of your beloved pet. Maybe your taking an early flight and would like to drop Fido off before 7:00am but the kennel doesn’t open until 8:00am. What can you do? In this case you would have to leave your pet at the facility the night before. Now your home and they’re not, causing extra expense and unnecessary stress to you both. Maybe you have more than one pet. Imagine the cost of boarding for that one night you don’t even need because you are home. If you had hired a professional pet sitter they would start their care when you need it!

Many facilities charge extra for things like feeding your pet more than once a day, administering medication, taking them out for a potty break, dog walking, and more. There is also the added expense of boarding required vaccinations which are often ineffective and risky to some animals. None of these things are an issue if you hire a professional, personalized, in-home pet sitting service.

There are just so many benefits to in-home pet care! Animals thrive on routine in their daily lives. Do you think your dog can “tell time” because everyday at 5:00pm she is bugging you to feed her? Does she recognize when you put on your dog walking shoes versus your running to the store shoes? These things are so routine and habitual that they are ingrained in her. They keep her happy because she craves that stability in her daily life. When you hire Doggedly Devoted as your pet sitter we strive to keep that routine as normal as possible. This helps keep your fur friend happy and healthy while you are away. You can relax and enjoy your time away from home knowing that not only are your beloved pets being cared for but your home looks lived in. Your mail and papers are being picked up. There aren’t packages sitting at the front door alerting all the passers by that no one is home.

The value of in-home professional pet care is far more than the cost of service. It is truly having that peace of mind that everyone and everything is being taken care of just the way they would be if you were home. And that’s worth every penny!

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