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Every other day pet sitting ~ A bad idea

So……’re going out of town and want to arrange to have someone check in on your cat.  Maybe once or twice a week?  Every other day?  After all your cat doesn’t really like to socialize and will probably hide when the pet sitter comes in the house.  Right?  Even if he wants some attention, he’s a cat, he’ll be fine, and you’ll save some money.  What could possibly go wrong?  Plenty!  That’s why this is a pet sitting request that I will always decline.

After many years of pet sitting I have come across a lot of different situations with cats.  They can become picky eaters, escape artists, very talkative, playful and affection, needy, aggressive, or Houdini like.  Sometimes the cat isn’t the issue at all and yet finds herself in a potentially dangerous situation through no fault of her own.

Consider these real life adventures in cat sitting…

Meowser’s owner is running late and in his haste to leave, locks him in the coat closet.

Kit Kat gets locked in a bedroom with no food, no water and no litter box when the suction created by the air conditioner and an open window cause the door to slam shut.

Whisker’s finds herself stuck in the garage when the automatic cat door malfunctions.  She has a litter box but no food or water.

Mittens hasn’t pooped in three days.

Purry stopped eating.  He has a history of urinary problems and gets most of his water from his food.

Mr. Kitty is getting older and doesn’t get around too well any more.  He has managed to get himself stuck behind the clothes dryer.

Tigger finds himself in a bedroom with all the necessities but isn’t happy being locked up.  He tries to claw his way out the door and tears up the carpet in the process.

Pet sitter to the rescue!  All of these situations could have been much worse or even deadly if these kitties weren’t being seen on a daily basis.  Two of these cats were taken to their veterinarians for treatment.  The others were given some much needed love, attention, food and water.  It is vital to the health and well-being of all cats left in the care of Doggedly Devoted to have a minimum of one visit per day so that food and water intake as well as litter box usage can be monitored.  Shy cats need to at least have eyes laid on them daily to ensure they have not been locked in a room or closet, become stuck somewhere, or escaped by tearing through the screen of an open window.

The last thing that any pet parent wants is to return home to a tragedy. So, the next time you are going to leave your cat at home alone put your mind and your cat at ease by hiring a professional pet sitter.  A true professional will insist on daily visits!

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