Doggedly Devoted

Client Testimonials

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Care
Candice Acton

For me, finding someone I could trust with my cats and my house, was no easy task. I have known Julie for many years. She is a very professional and dedicated pet sitter who provides quaility service. In addition to taking care of my cats, she collects the mail, waters the plants, and takes the trash to the curb. When I return home, I always enjoy reading her notes of the “happenings” while I was gone. It brings me peace of mind and it is nice too know that when I am away a trustworthy pet lover is taking care of my cats and does a great job.

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Care
Sharon Sechrest & Dr. Joe Griffin

Julie has been a seamless, invisible part of our lives for more than 10 years. She has provided much more than reliable, caring kitty care and occasional dog walking. With Julie, there is peace of mind. I know that the kitties will be well taken care of. If one of them is locked in a closet, Julie will find him. If something doesn’t seem right, Julie will call me. If a door is left unlocked Julie will lock it. That is peace of mind when we are leaving our kitties and our home in Julie’s hands.

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Care
Jim & Mariann Helfinstine

Julie is someone you can trust. Not only to take excellent care of your pets, but you can trust her in your home. Julie has looked after our animals for 14 years now (and we usually have 3 dogs). We have also had a rabbit, hamsters, turtles, a cat, and several fish). We were fortunate to find Julie. We had several other folks over the years look after our pets, but we never had the consistent, high quality care that she provides. You simply don’t have to worry about your animals while you’re away. You can be confident that Julie will do what she says she will do. Even if your pet requires some extra care (which ours do). As long as Julie is running Doggedly Devoted, we will never have to worry about our animals (when we’re away) again.

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Care
Debbie Wilson

Julie with Doggedly Devoted is and has been the best petsitter we have ever had the pleasure of using not only during our vacations but when we go on day trips and need someone to come and walk the dogs for a potty break. We have left the dogs and cats for two weeks at a time and no worries at all. Julie is professional, dependable and punctual. Our animals love her and look forward to her visits, all the while staying at home where they feel most comfortable. I accidentally ran out of medicine for my cat and Julie went to the compounding pharmacy and got a refill all without even bothering me! For the first time I don’t worry about my pets nor do I feel guilty when I leave and that is worth everything!!

Barbara B.

Julie went the “extra mile” for Sandy, and we really appreciated the progress note!

Candice A.

Very Dependable. Max, my house and plants were all taken care of. Will use their service again.

Elaine W.

It’s nice to know they’re being well cared for in their own home and exercised daily. Thanks!

Susan C.

Good communication with daily log – Real nice touch to receive a picture of Chico on my cell.

Carrie D.

You really gave us peace of mind.

Deborah K.

… You made our vacation run smoothly.  No worry.

Jennifer H.

…I would recommend you; you are much more professional than other local sitters.

Maggie S.

Professional, caring, thorough – We can count on you.  Thank you.

Lisa D.

Julie took the extra step of hand feeding our older dog who wasn’t eating. She really cares.

Bodhi & Citta

We Thank you for being the Purrrrfect one that takes such good care of us! Your grateful fans.


So Many thanks for your tender love and care for Sophie and Sam especially! We love the fact that you don’t freak out when there are doggie incidents.


Ben and I are so grateful for all the love and support you provided for Scooter. He was so special and knowing that you were there with him means so much to us. Thank you for being there.


Julie has taken care of my 3 cats many times this year while I’ve traveled. I always have peace of mind and never worry, because I know that the kitties are so happy to see her.  As two of the cats are 17, I’m glad that they are in Julie’s capable hands. Even Molly, who usually hides, has become Julie’s best friend and chats up a storm when she comes to visit. I was very impressed on our initial visit how thorough Julie was in documenting information about each cat and what to do in case of an emergency. And on each visit she always leaves me a nice note telling me what’s happened each day. Julie has also been very helpful in doing additional things like putting out the cans on trash day and bringing in packages. I feel that my house is in good hands with her as well. Her great service really allows me to enjoy my vacation!


Thank you very much for looking after Shilo and Marmalade. It was with your perseverance that Marmalade came out from under the bed. You have a way with animals, making them feel comfortable enough to overcome their fears. For that, I am grateful, and for the wonderful care you provide. It leaves me worry free to enjoy my vacation. Thank you again for everything.

Melanie G.

Julie, thank you for being dependable, available and professional! It eases my worry every time I have to plan to be away.